Never End The Fight is a non-profit corporation designated as a Public Charity by the IRS. It was created in memory of Dylan Macaluso, by his family, who passed on April 18, 2015.

Dylan Macaluso grew up in Wyckoff, NJ and graduated from Ramapo High School in 2007. Dylan excelled academically, socially, and athletically: National Honor Society, Co-President of Interact, Vocal Music Award, several college scholarships, as well as earning four Varsity Ice Hockey letters. (His junior year, and to this day, is the only year, Ramapo Ice Hockey won their league championship.)


Dylan always held a job.

He was an extremely personable young man who always had a clever smile on his face and was never afraid to lend a hand to anyone. One of Dylan's many friends once said, "One of my favorite memories from high school was doing the R-A-M-A-P-O chant at Dylan's hockey games. There were a lot of us there in the stands -- and we had other friends on the team -- but afterwards everyone always stayed and seem to congregate around Dylan. He was a great guy and everyone knew it. And he was always incredibly kind to me."

Dylan shined brightly at Ramapo

and was accepted to many excellent colleges. He decided to enroll at the University of Richmond (his first choice school) in the fall of 2007 along with a few friends from high school. Surely he made many more friends in Richmond, Virginia. In 2008, when Dylan's grandfather passed away he began to struggle with depression and started smoking pot to self-medicate his problems away. Eventually this led to illegal prescription pain killers and eventually heroin. Although he had some success in rehab, thirty days was clearly not enough (nor is it for ANYONE)! This highly addicting drug haunted Dylan until he accidentally overdosed the morning of April 18, 2015 at the young age of 26.

This page was created by Dylan's younger brother, Justin, who manages it with his parents, Donna and Jim.

We are committed to speaking openly about Dylan's life and death, and helping remove stigmas associated with both mental illness and addiction. We will never end the fight to educate others about the serious and deadly dangers of opioids. Justin has started speaking publicaly at local schools and the YMCA. Together we can make a difference. So, get involved and join the fight to end the opioid epidemic! ​

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